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If anybody would like the link to my new site please email me at gaijinwife at, or leave a comment to this post and I’ll try and email you back soon. Current translation deadline is next Friday. After that, I hope to be a bit more regular again.


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We Interrupt This Silence

because I haven’t blogged for like six days and my fingers are starting to shake and I can’t sleep cause I have a million posts in my head that aren’t allowed free.

That and today really just astounded me.

But, before I continue, THANKYOU to everyone who commented on the last post. I have started up somewhere else but it wont be visible (I don’t think) just yet. It isn’t set to private but search engines wont post it so you have to know the exact address of what ever forum I choose to write silly bollocks about next. Good luck with that :p

I know the statistics for gaijinwife so when a parent dies you kind of know people will come out of the woodwork to say sorry and love you rah rah. Was very special and every time I look over those comments I need lots of wine and a box of tissues. I was not expecting more love for my own departing though and I think the comments (all of which I am very grateful for and tried to post a reply to everyone but if I missed one or two I am sorry) about how gaijinwife gave their day some humor, made them laugh and realise that they weren’t the only ones going through shit, made me think I should just block the shit, and continue on for the good of humankind.

I was bewildered by comments from people who have no affiliation (sorry, current translation is about university affiliation with things) with Japan and STILL came back day after day to read.

I am very humbled, thank you.

END niceties.

Fuckin bloody ballet silly bloody bollocks. For the love of bloody god…

Tomorrow (or it could be Monday) is respect for the aged day here in Japan. A day to say thankyou to the vestlings for providing our now, for drying shitake mushrooms in the middle of the driveway, feeding our kids snacks five minutes before tea time…

Granny K has a vestling lunch in the hall across the road – literally like 20 m away and for which we are the key holders. All the vestlings in this valley (about 35 – not including the ones who can’t make it up the front step of their house – which would be a total of about 60) are converging on the hall across the road for a city paid lunch and kareoke-off. I think I’d just turn off my hearing aid and get pissed on sake in the corner. When its my turn.

The local ‘children’s club’ – made up of the kids that Shou walks to school with (6) – do something every year. Kind of breaks up the pissed 80 year old men hogging the microphone ya know. They usually introduce themselves, say who their grandparent is and then sing the school song.

Well, this year the head of the club said it would be nice if her daughter (2nd grade) did some dancing – she is in the same very professional dance company (dripping sarcasm) as Marina. And that even though Marina, as a pre-schooler, isn’t in the kids club yet, it would be cool if they danced together. Marina loves the attention so she was all fine and last night we went to the hall to try out the music and dances. The dances usually danced by 5 plus girls. But hey, full makeup, cute outifits, and the vestlings wont even realise there are two second gaps and shit. The girls want to dance one dance they actually danced in the recent recital and then two that weren’t their dances per se but which they know pretty god damn well.

All good. Until today.

Marina had dance, as per every Saturday.

At the end of class Marina and I went up to the teacher to say goodbye and told her that Marina and the other girl were dancing tomorrow for the local oldies. I thought the teacher would be happy…

Fuckin turns out that you need permission to do the ‘company coeographed’ dances for anything other than a proper dance company event.

Marina is 5

The other girl is 8

There will be approximately 30 half deaf, half blind vestlings who do not give a rats ass in hell. They just want to see the future generation being cute.

The sensei said she GAVE US PERSMISSION to dance her dances but that if Marina and her friend wanted to dance the hip hop number then they really needed to consult the hip hop teacher. Marina and the other girl dont even do hip hop – but have seen the dance about a hundred and fifty times over the last month and hence, remember it enough to dance in front of old people with impaired vision.

I was all like, Oh, I’m sorry, it never even occurred to me that I would need to ask permission, I’m so sorry kind of thing. And so the teacher gave us permission to do the hip hop – on behalf of the hip hop teacher. BUT BE CAREFUL she said, as this will not be acceptable next time.

Definitely wont be telling the sensei that Marina and her her kinder friend showed their dance talents to their classmates the other day. No costumes or makeup but still, the sensei might wont some fuckin royalties.


Am I being over sensitive?

I mean I can understand if we were in a big city that had a load of dance companies and we went out showing off dances without permission. But fuck, when you are the only dance company in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, surely the exposure and just pleasing the locals should win over bein a pretentious ‘Pro dancer’.

End rant.

Back. to. translation.

SDYL (sweet dreams you lot)

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Wanking fuckin wordpress. I just tried to make posts private and it has updated all the dates as being posted today and the original dates have gone. over it. So much for it being a diary of the events of the past years. I’m going to have to go into the comments of each damn post and find out the dates and redate every one, one by one.

Big translation in. Going under for a while and then quite possibly moving on. I need a private place to rant. I really shouldn’t have my whole life out for anybody to read. Sometimes I think fuck, what if someone from around here could read this and decided to tell the people in my everyday life, whom I do bitch about from time to time, what I was saying.

I doubt they could understand it but still, I guess I’ve come to the point where keeping my little bubble of a world in Kunimi and ranting either on a private page or to myself, in my head, is preferable to my little bubble not being my little bubble anymore. Nothing has instigated this bar my thinking how life would be different if the people I mention on here knew what I mentioned. Vice versa and I wouldn’t want someone bitching off about me for the whole of cyberspace to read about.

Gaijinwife has very muchly enjoyed everybody that has followed the goings on here, the comments, the debates. I hope your daily routines aren’t too put out by not being able to read about international relations, vestlings, bum bullets, mayhem and chaos, ballet bollocks, soccer moms rah rah for a while.

No doubt I’ll need the therapy of blogging sooner rather than later but do think it will be in a different form.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health & Quiet Living

for now.

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